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ΜΑΡ-ERS ΕΜΙR Reporting Service

The ΜΑΡ-ERS Service is designed to serve a multitude of challenges around UTI sharing, LEI generation/tagging and delegated reporting for ΕΜΙR compliance. Our ΜΑΡ-ERS Service has unrivaled participant connectivity with data mapping/enrichment and TR connectivity. The result is a comprehensive matching/reconciliation service for vendor-delegated and single-sided trade reporting.

Key Features

  • Risk mitigation via comprehensive matching and reconciliation
  • UTI sharing, generation and management across all trading paradigms
  • LEI and trade detail enrichment from static data
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Comprehensive field, data and entity mapping capability
  • Connectivity and support for multiple trade repositories on a cross-asset class basis
  • Single sided; counterparty and vendor delegated reporting models


  • Lowering technology costs by eliminating the need to connect to multiple Trade Repository’s
  • Integrated dashboard provides a holistic view of all reports across all participants and TR’s
  • Single solution for all asset classes, across ΕΜΙR jurisdictions
  • Comprehensive reconciliation service allows participants to adopt delegated reporting
  • Management/generation/enrichment of UTI’s/LEI’s from static data

Solution includes

  • Setup – A team of specialists will provide training on extracting specific, relevant data as needed;
  • ΕΜΙR Training throughout the implementation process to ensure that key personnel understand the regulation and the process;
  • Support –24/7 availability to answer any queries regarding the system and regulatory updates
  • Registration with any TR of your choice including CME, DTCC, Unavista and REGIS-TR;
  • Tracking ΕΜΙR reporting on a daily basis;
  • Can be enhanced with the combination of ΜΑΡ-SystemLink and ΜΑΡ-MtM services

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