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MAP-RTS 27/28 Reporting Service

MAP-RTS 27/28 reporting refers to our service of mapping all required data to the format required by the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/575 and 2017/576, producing the relevant report and making it available to the Customer through Polaris portal in a machine-readable electronic format.

RTS 27 requires execution venues, market makers and systematic internalisers to publish reports with their transaction data. These reports must be published on a quarterly basis and include data for each trading day. Publication must be made in a machine readable format at the end of each quarter for the previous quarter.

RTS 28 requires investment firms to publish annual information by 30 April each year, in a summary form of the quality of execution and disclosure of their top 5 execution venues.


  • Fully Automated Service;
  • Retrieve information from any system/database;
  • Consolidated data feeds;
  • Comprehensive field, data and entity mapping capability;
  • Recognition of information to be reported;
  • Multiple reporting health checks;
  • Efficient generation of all required RTS 27/28 tables;
  • Flexibility to adapt efficiently to your customised needs;
  • On-going communication with regulators to ensure system reports reflect regulatory updates/changes;


  • Technology Optimization;
  • Program Management;
  • Change Management;
  • Integrated dashboard provides a holistic view of all reports;
  • Comprehensive regulatory reporting IT infrastructure resulting in long term cost efficiencies;
  • Cost efficient integrated reporting solutions provided under a single platform;

Solution includes

  • Setup – A team of specialists will provide training on extracting specific, relevant data as needed;
  • Dashboard access – Access to our Polaris Portal to control, manage and monitor the reporting;
  • Training – RTS 27/28 training throughout the implementation process to ensure that key personnel understand the regulation and the process;
  • Report generation – Automated generation of the RTS 27/28 tables;
  • Consulting level Support – Answer any queries regarding the system and regulatory updates;

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