More than 1,000,000 transactions processed on time!

We are happy to announce that ΜΑΡ-ERS members have successfully commenced reporting to Trade Repositories right on time and uninterruptedly via the ΜΑΡ-ERS platform, since ΕΜΙR’s first reporting deadline, the 12th  of February 2014!

During the first 10 reporting days, ΜΑΡ-ERS members, who include banks and investment firms from the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland, have reported already more than 1,000,000 transactions on time!


The ΜΑΡ-ERS platform, designed and built by Europe’s leading and awarded financial services consultants, ΜΑΡ S.Platis, provides ease of access, fast processing and enhanced security protection for the transferring and handling of data, whilst it is supported by our experienced in-house teams of compliance professionals and IT specialists.


According to Dr. Stelios Platis, Managing Director of ΜΑΡ S.Platis, “We have been able to begin reporting on time as a result of months of preparation and advance planning. Our systems and accounts with the Repositories have been ready well before the deadline, whilst a testing period was available with training and support to our members, ahead of as well as during reporting. Furthermore, our ΜΑΡ-ERS platform applies fully-automated error-validation controls on the submitted files and offers very detailed explanatory feedback, which together with the continuous guidance and assistance by our consultants, provide invaluable guidance to our members’ reporting procedure”.