The Cyprus ΕΜΙR Conference 2013 by ΜΑΡ S.Platis


The Cyprus ΕΜΙR Conference 2013 organized by ΜΑΡ S.Platis took place on the 30th of November 2013. The conference was attended by more than 200 people, mainly senior-level managers and executives of financial institutions of global reach, as well as people working with ETDs and OTC derivatives, coming from Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss with financial industry professionals, distinguished economists and lawyers from Cyprus and abroad the new rules introduced by the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (ΕΜΙR) which impact a great number of Cypriot investment firms (CIFs).

Speakers at the conference included the Honourable Minister of Finance Mr. Harris Georgiades, Chairperson of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission Mrs. Demetra Kalogirou, and Dr. Stelios Platis, Managing Director of ΜΑΡ S. Platis and Chairman at the Association of Cyprus International Investment Firms (ACIIF).

We would like to thank all of those who attended the Conference, whose active participation played a pivotal role in its success.

We would further like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the Athens Stock Exchange,Leverate, FXCM, Expobank and Citigroup, for their generous support. Furthermore, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our media sponsors, Leaprate, StockWatch and E-Forex for their assistance in publicising this event.

ΜΑΡ S.Platis, by being on the forefront of future legislations and regulations, delivers once more on its commitment to provide top quality support for the sector.