Are you reporting correctly? CySEC imposes administrative fines on CIFs that have failed to comply with EMIR Regulation (EU) no. 648/2012

Over the past few years, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has issued several circulars and consultations that have set a stricter regulatory framework for CIFs. CySEC has also taken significant measures, including on-the-spot checks and inspections, to make sure all regulated entities are in full compliance with these rules.

In light of the recent fines imposed by CySEC on non-compliant firms, we would like to stress the need for all regulated entities to have in place a system that carries out continuous monitoring, reporting and health checks at all times.

How can MAP FinTech assist you?

ΜΑΡ FinTech, can help your organization ensure quality data, benefit from automated reporting solutions, enjoy exceptional support, and rely on experts to keep up to date with changes to the regulatory framework. With this in mind, we have developed the Polaris Platform, a fully automated, cost-efficient, tailor-made and unique solution that provides our clients with peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on what they do best while remaining compliant at all times.

About MAP FinTech

ΜΑΡ FinTech, is a leading and award-winning regulatory technology provider for the financial services industry, specialising in reporting solutions arising from the requirements of a number of complex and challenging international regulations such as EMIR, MiFID II, MiFIR, FATCA and CRS. MAP FinTech also provides innovative and comprehensive solutions for Best Execution Monitoring, RTS 27/28 reporting, AI Transaction Monitoring and Screening (AML), eKYC (Screening, eIDV, Document Authentication), Trade Surveillance (Market Abuse), and the forthcoming SFTR.

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