Brexit: How Will It Affect Your Firm

MAP FinTech, in conjunction with its UK strategic partner, Complyport, is taking all the necessary actions to inform financial firms about Brexit and how this unparalleled event might potentially impact financial services across Europe. As we are inching closer to Brexit’s deadline, we have prepared a survey to gather information on the steps being taken by financial institutions when this becomes reality. This effort will also include sharing the findings with its participants so they are aware of how other financial institutions are preparing for Brexit.

With this in mind, financial firms need to consider that they will be facing unique challenges and conditions that may require both a new understanding of our industry and advanced planning in order to avoid the many uncertainties that may lead to undesirable consequences.

Through the power of synergy, this survey aims to prepare financial firms to face the potential risks that a “hard” Brexit scenario may bring to an already challenging 2020.

Please complete the survey below and stay informed on how the UK financial services sector is preparing to transition into a post-Brexit Europe in the smoothest way possible.


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