AML Transaction Monitoring

Perform Real-Time and Post Transaction Monitoring that minimizes your False Positives

AML Transaction Monitoring

Perform Real-Time and Post Transaction Monitoring that minimizes your False Positives

Monitoring transactions in real time
Cases & Alerts Management
Machine Learning Models
What is AML transaction monitoring?

AML Transaction Monitoring software spots suspicious patterns and reviews dubious transfers and transactions. Taking into consideration the risk assessment of the client, the software subsequently assigns a risk-level and scoring to those involved.

As a result, this exposes issues such as where the money came from and where it went, and whether the funds have been legitimately or illegally obtained.

Key Features of Transaction Monitoring
  • Risk ranking and scoring for monitored transactions in real time.
  • Administration of Rules/Scenarios.
  • Minimising False Positives by tuning the rules and dynamic customer segmentation.
  • The ability to monitor customer behaviours.
  • Dynamic risk scoring for customers and accounts, as well as the transaction activity.
  • Full analysis showing why the alert was triggered.
  • Management/Administration of Cases/Alerts.
  • Analysis of transactions using Machine-Learning Models to decrease false positives.
Key Benefits:
  • Enhance your analysis

Run transaction monitoring rule engine together with machine learning. Our system produces two scores: one from rule-based scenarios; and the other from advanced machine-learning algorithms.

You can then compare these scores to understand and prioritise your team’s daily workload.

  • Flexible Rules and Scenarios

AML Transaction Monitoring provides organisations with the option to create dynamic rules on a wide scale, from ordinary to individually customised scenarios.

It allows for the effortless creation of the rules and scenarios which are most convenient for your business, reducing false-positive alerts so you can focus on the most important cases and more effectively manage your workload.

  • Simulate, test and deploy

Rapidly test scenarios and assess the impact of new rules and regulations in the platform’s ‘sandbox’ simulator before going live.

  • Case/Alert Management Monitoring

This software allows you to manage alerts quickly with collective work. With risk management, additional comments, and task assignment features, you can enable your teams to manage cases together, creating fast and powerful alert management.

  • Holistic review of a customer’s activity.
  • Full analysis showing why the alert has been triggered.
  • Escalate the case to be reviewed by the management team.
  • Manage actions needed to be taken to mitigate the risk.
  • Actions include assigning tasks, calling external APIs or notifications.
  • Showing logs of all the activities that are linked to the case/alert.
  • Attach documents related to the case (uploaded by client or compliance team).

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