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MAP-Best Execution Monitoring

MAP-Best Execution Monitoring service helps investment firms achieve extensive control and transparency over their order execution practices. As per Article 27 of MiFID II, investment firms should take “all sufficient steps to obtain, when executing an order, the best possible result for their clients taking into account price, costs, speed, likelihood of execution and settlement, size, nature or any other consideration relevant to the execution of the order.

To achieve the above, investment firms, among others, should arrange for the setup of thorough monitoring systems for the continuous evaluation of the actual execution quality delivered to clients. MAP-Best Execution Monitoring service helps investment firms perform this onerous and time-consuming task in an automated, unique and efficient way.


  • Fully Automated Service;
  • Web-based integrated dashboard providing a complete view of Best Execution monitoring analysis;
  • Meeting regulatory requirements;
  • Retrieve information from any system/database;
  • Effective monitoring capabilities to ensure Best Execution:
    • reflecting all of the relevant quantitative and qualitative metrics (price, cost, speed, likelihood of execution, settlement, size, and nature of the trade);
    • based on adequate sample sizes;
    • covering all relevant asset classes;
  • Flexibility to adapt efficiently to your specific needs i.e. set up specific checks consistent with your Best Execution Policy and practices;
  • On-going and regular monitoring for Best Execution (on-demand checks are also available);
  • Ad-hoc investigations for Best Execution of specific orders/transactions;
  • Flagging Best Execution failures including automatic notification alerts;
  • Recording and logging capabilities of all monitoring checks for future examination;
  • On-going updates/changes to adapt regulatory changes and new practices/checks followed by regulators;


  • Technology Optimization;
  • Program Management;
  • Change Management;
  • Web-based integrated dashboard provides a holistic view of Best Execution analysis;
  • Comprehensive regulatory monitoring/reporting IT infrastructure resulting in long term cost efficiencies;
  • Cost efficient integrated monitoring/reporting solutions provided under a single platform;

Solution includes:

  • Setup – A team of specialists will provide guidance on extracting relevant data as needed;
  • Dashboard access – Access to our Polaris dashboard;
  • Systematic Best Execution Monitoring;
  • Training – Best Execution monitoring training throughout the implementation process to ensure that key personnel understand the regulation and the process;
  • Consulting level Support – Answer any queries regarding the system or any regulatory updates;

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