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ΜΑΡ-FATCA Reporting Service 

The provisions of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) were enacted in the United States (US) legislation in March 2010.

The US and Cyprus governments, signed a MODEL 1 Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on the 2nd of December 2014 for the automatic exchange of the reported information with the IRS.

Under the MODEL 1 IGA Cyprus Financial Institutions that fall within the scope of FATCA, have to register with the IRS by the end of the year and become FATCA compliant. However, Cypriot Financial Institutions that fall within the scope of FATCA, are advised to register by the 22nd of December 2014 in order to be included in the list of registered companies for 2014.

Registering with the IRS and obtaining a GIIN (Global Intermediary Identification Number) imposes certain additional due diligence procedures and reporting obligations on US persons. FATCA is focused on strengthening information reporting and withholding compliance with respect to US persons who invest directly or indirectly through the ownership of foreign interests. To achieve this goal, FATCA requires Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) to provide information to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on accounts held by US persons (directly or indirectly).

FATCA imposes a 30% withholding tax on Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) that fall within the scope of FATCA and do not comply with FATCA’s requirements. The 30% withholding tax on certain US source income will be imposed regardless of whether the FFI has US owners or clients.

Before a financial institution can become FATCA compliant, it should take certain steps to determine the impact FATCA may have on its operations and plan the route towards compliance in an efficient and effective manner.

Most financial institutions will need to proceed with enhanced due diligence procedures for customer on boarding systems to be FATCA compliant for new accounts, while launching separate work stream to identify and analyze pre-existing accounts.

The ΜΑΡ-FATCA Reporting Service shall provide the ability to receive, construct the FATCA annual return and submit it to the relevant Authorities, as per FATCA relevant provisions.



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