MAP FinTech integrates with UnaVista TR for EMIR Reporting

London, 5 October 2020: MAP FinTech, the leading UK/EU regulatory reporting provider, and UnaVista, part of London Stock Exchange Group, are pleased to announce that they are expanding their strategic collaboration for EMIR Trade Repository (TR) Services.

ΜΑΡ FinTech is the trade name of MAP FinTech (UK) Limited and MAP Financial Technologies (Europe) Limited, the provider who first introduced a fully automated reporting solution for EMiR. Today, the award-winning technology firm supports more than 170 global B2B clients for their regulatory reporting needs.

MAP FinTech’s integration with UnaVista’s Trade Repository (TR) for EMIR Reporting comes as a result of the extensive cooperation between MAP FinTech and UnaVista’s Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) for MiFIR and follows the winding down of CME TR and Abide’s discontinuation of services in this area.

With time running out for CME/Abide clients in the process of migrating to a new regulatory reporting provider, a great number of regulated firms and institutions face the challenge of securing a new, long-lasting and reliable regulatory reporting partnership.

MAP Fintech’s EMIR and MiFIR innovative reporting solutions, now integrated also with UnaVista’s TR and ARM, provide a fully-automated on-boarding process, allowing the uninterrupted transfer of any existing regulatory data in any format, under the support and regulatory guidance of one of London’s leading regulatory advisory firms, Complyport – MAP FinTech’s UK regulatory partner. This enables the seamless migration from CME/Abide or indeed from any other Trade Repository (TR) or third-party provider easily, effortlessly with zero time-gaps and under continuous guidance and regulatory advice.

MAP FinTech commenting on this, reconfirmed their “commitment to offer state-of-the-art scalable solutions that simplify the way our financial services clients meet their regulatory requirements without encumbering their operational flexibility. By extending our collaboration with UnaVista and their EMIR Trade Repository (TR) service, we ensure that our clients will continue enjoying a best-in-class and cost-efficient EMIR solution, delivered via a single platform along with the rest of MAP FinTech’s offerings: MiFIR Reporting, ASIC Reporting, Best Execution Monitoring/Reporting, CRS/FATCA reporting, eKYC, AML Transaction Monitoring and Market Surveillance amongst others”

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Michael Leach, managing director of global business development at UnaVista, said: “We are delighted to see the expansion of our collaboration with MAP FinTech to support market participants in migrating their regulatory reporting from CME’s Nex and Abide services to UnaVista. Together with MAP FinTech, we offer a fast and efficient response to this demand.”


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