MAP FinTech Introduces Its First Internship Programme

It is with great pleasure that MAP FinTech introduces its first internship programme, one that has been designed to develop young and enthusiastic individuals in the unique learning and growth system that is part of MAP FınTech.


Officially launched in June 2022, this initiative brings together for the first time a group of interns and mentees at MAP FinTech. This programme couldn’t come at a better time, as the RegTech industry is in need of innovative solutions, trained professionals, and diverse skillsets to take the next big leap forward. Currently, RegTech professionals equipped to handle the sector’s need for diversification and growth are in limited supply, so it is important to invest in recent graduates and young professionals to develop their skills and knowledge early on and prepare them for a future, successful career in RegTech.


The interns will gain professional experience while working alongside our highly experienced technology experts on various modern software development frameworks and technologies, helping maintain and improve our award-winning Polaris platform, which is used by our global clients to meet and surpass their regulatory reporting obligations.


This unique programme exposes interns to real-world projects under the dedicated guidance of our senior developers. Over the course of four weeks, this internship will enable them to grow their competence and sharpen their skills. Likewise, this training opportunity will provide them with professional development, mentoring and coaching that will help them establish a solid foundation of relevant knowledge and skills to jumpstart a career in this sector.


With the right skills and opportunities, such skilled interns can be part of driving both local and global growth while achieving personal successes.


We are very excited to have them with us!


MAP Fintech Internship Programme MAP Fintech Internship Programme