MAP FinTech’s ‘Summer Afternoons’ Program: Embracing a 32-hour Work Week for All Employees

For the second consecutive year, MAP FinTech will implement the ‘Summer Afternoons’ program for its employees during the summer months. As part of this program, all staff members will have two afternoons off per week in July and August. This means the employees will work a 32-hour week based on the standard 4-day work week while still receiving the same remuneration and benefits.

The ‘Summer Afternoons’ program reflects the company’s culture, which prioritises the well-being of employees and recognises their contributions towards achieving business goals. The company believes in investing in its employees’ welfare and is committed to continuously improving the working environment.

The ‘Summer Afternoons’ program aligns with MAP FinTech’s existing hybrid and flexible working model. Its purpose is to promote a better work-life balance for employees, particularly during the summer season, allowing them to relax and spend quality time with their families and loved ones.