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Polaris Reporting Hub 

The “Polaris” Reporting Hub empowers our firm with complete control of the entire process, from data sourcing to reporting. “Polaris” strategic platform delivers unparalleled flexibility to quickly adapt to new and evolving regulations.

Additionally, the “Polaris” network enables the required conversions, enhancements and re-formatting of the gathered data, preparing them for submission. Furthermore, it automates complex workflow processes enabling us, and our customers, to review results and ensure accuracy, along the complete cycle.

It also adapts to changes across institutions, geographies and jurisdictions without systems re-engineering, reducing implementation times.

Finally, it offers a flexible foundation from which to achieve compliance and help meet the current and future reporting demands of regulatory authorities.

Key Functions

  • Sourcing data from various client systems
  • Enhancing
  • Validating
  • Generating reports
  • Routing and submitting
  • Reconciliation
  • Exception Management and Error Correction

Polaris Post Reporting Functionality

  • Routing and submission of required information
  • Dispatching confirmation and feedback reports
  • Viewing status of submitted reports
  • Viewing status of individual reported information/data
  • Searching of historical reports
  • Exporting of data to external systems



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