Unique Product Identifier: Crypto-asset identifiers

Unique Product Identifier: Crypto-asset identifiers


As we had discussed in previous blog entries regarding the UPI and the technical data on how to generate the UPI, we now turn our focus on a specific aspect of the UPI. UPI for derivatives on crypto-assets.

As mentioned in our January blog entry, ANNA-DSB has adopted various standards widely accepted by industry stakeholders.

E.g. ANNA DSB adopted the following standards:

  • for currencies the three letter ISO 4217 code;
  • for Securities their ISIN, or SEDOL, or CUSIP, or FIGI;
  • for Equity Indices, their ISIN or official name as published by the index administrator;
  • etc.

Crypto assets represent a particular problem, due to their nature they are not standardised nor are they issued with any unique identifier. As such, crypto-asset jargon widely used to identify such assets is not standardised nor unique, e.g. bitcoin is sometimes referred to BTC or XBT, while Ethereum Ether, is sometimes referred to as Ether, ETH or with Greek letter Xi Ξ.

In order to avoid duplication pitfalls, for crypto-asset identifiers, ANNA-DSB has decided to adopt the identifiers issued by the Digital Token Identifier Foundation – DTIF. The code is a unique 9 letter code that characterizes each crypto asset maintained and issued by the aforesaid foundation.

See below a non-exhaustive list of crypto-assets with their corresponding DTIF code.


Token nameShort nameDTIF CodeAdditional Comments
BitcoinBTC, XBT4H95J0R2X
Bitcoin CashBCH, BCC, XBCJ9K583ZGG
Ethereum EtherETH, ΞX9J9K872S
Solana SOLSOL20J63Z4N3
Binance Beacon ChainBNB85MP572L7Binance Coin

As such entities that want to generate or retrieve  UPIs on crypto-assets derivatives, they should, be aware of the appropriate identifier of the underlying reference value (the crypto asset) in this case the crypto-asset DTIF code. For a comprehensive list of the DTIF codes that ANNA DSB has included in its libraries refer to the link here.

See also a short list of issued UPIs on the basis of the above.

Contract TypeUnderlying Crypto asset nameDTIF code/Underlier ID /Commodity Reference PriceUPI
Contract for DifferenceBitcoin4H95J0R2XQZ52MJGFVNBM
Contract for DifferenceSolana SOL20J63Z4N3QZC6G1M4D7F1
ForwardEthereum EtherX9J9K872SQZ23M8PD81D9

*Disclaimer, the DTIF codes and the Unique Product Identifiers in this blog are  presented for information purposes only, for an up-to-date list of DTIF codes and/or UPIs consult Digital Token Identifier Foundation and/or ANNA – DSB resources.

How is MAP FinTech going to assist?

MAP Fintech offers the UPI Link Service that helps retrieving companies match their products’ attributes precisely to those already issued UPIs, ensuring that reporting companies use the correct UPI Code.

MAP FinTech’s UPI Link Service boasts essential functionalities, including:

  • Automated identification of UPIs using reference data provided by the reporting entity and the latest issued UPIs supplied by the ANNA-DSB.
  • UPI enrichment of reported files prior to submission to the TR.
  • Error identification where UPIs cannot be mapped against the ANNA-DSB’s issued UPI records.
  • Inline editing capability for on-the-fly amendments on the UPI.
  • Advanced search function from within Polaris portal which can pinpoint the exact UPI based on enhanced search criteria.

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