XMLCon.Vert Service

XML.Cov.Vert refers to our sophisticated solution of validating
and converting predefined CSV files to the ISO 20022 XML
format required by the pertinent Trade Repositories.

Relevant Regulation:
Derivative transaction reporting jurisdictions that
require ISO 20022 XML format.

Start Date:

Regulation Type:
Regulatory Reporting

Types of firms affected:
Supervisory Authority: ESMA, FCA, ASIC, MAS, and others.

Frequency of reporting:
T+1, T+2

XMLCon.Vert Service

Our XMLCon.Vert Service leverages a diligently crafted template to seamlessly convert CSV data into the requisite XML format mandated by the chosen Trade Repository (TR) during your onboarding journey. Our methodical approach ensures compliance with the utmost accuracy, sparing you the arduous burden of manual conversion tasks.

Key features:


Solution includes: