Unleashing Talent and Shaping the Future: Announcing the Second MAP FinTech Internship Programme


MAP FinTech is thrilled to announce the launch of its second internship programme, an exceptional opportunity designed to nurture and empower young, enthusiastic individuals within the dynamic learning and growth ecosystem of MAP FinTech.

Following the tremendous success of our programme, which was officially launched in June 2022, we are excited to bring together another group of interns and mentees at MAP FinTech. In today’s rapidly evolving RegTech industry, innovative solutions, well-trained professionals, and diverse skill sets are in high demand, and this programme aims to address these needs. By investing in recent graduates and young professionals, we aim to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge early on, preparing them for successful careers in RegTech.

During the internship, participants will have the invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working alongside our highly experienced technology experts. They will engage with various modern software development frameworks and technologies, contributing to our award-winning Polaris platform’s continuous improvement and maintenance. The platform is utilised by our global clients not only to meet but exceed their regulatory reporting obligations.

The true distinction of our programme lies in its unique blend of real-world projects and personalized mentorship. Under the dedicated guidance of our senior developers, interns will be exposed to authentic industry challenges, sharpening their skills and expanding their knowledge. This comprehensive training opportunity also encompasses professional development, mentorship, and coaching, nurturing a solid foundation of expertise required to excel in the RegTech sector.

With the right skills and opportunities, these talented interns will play a vital role in driving local and global growth while achieving personal success. We are incredibly excited to welcome them to the family of MAP FinTech, and we look forward to witnessing their growth and accomplishments within our organisation!